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Now playing: Phillip Phillips, The World from the Side of the Moon Last weekend, my brother called my mom to ask her if she had an extra ebelskiver pan, and the next thing we knew, we were convening late Sunday morning for an impromptu family brunch. It started when we were kids: one of the […]

Now playing: “Easy,” The Commodores Were you expecting something else? Come on, I thought you were starting to get me by now…. Though I know all my gluttonous holiday (and post-holiday) posts would suggest otherwise, I do my best to eat healthy foods whenever possible. On top of that, I’m admittedly quite brunch obsessed. So […]

Now playing: “California Dreamin’,” the Mamas & the Papas Once upon a time, my friends and I found ourselves in San Diego over Labor Day weekend. We’re the sort of people who like to lounge around, sleep in a bit, and then find a mouth-watering brunch spot, preferably a new-to-us kind of place, but the […]

Now playing: “The Thanksgiving Song” by Joe McIntyre: Last year, I inadvertently started a new tradition for Thanksgiving. See, my mom’s family decided to have a reunion about a week before the actual holiday, so we decided to have our traditional Thanksgiving feast then. When the following Thursday rolled around, my brother spent the day […]