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Though I know all my gluttonous holiday (and post-holiday) posts would suggest otherwise, I do my best to eat healthy foods whenever possible. On top of that, I’m admittedly quite brunch obsessed. So when I came across this simple little recipe for veggie and goat cheese mini frittatas, I couldn’t wait to try them. This weekend, I had back to back shows to review, which means late nights out/commuting to and from San Francisco. Suffice it to say, weekends like this find me wanting to sleep in and then throw together a quick/easy/delicious brunch meal. I’d already done the grocery shopping in advance, so all I really had to do was open a can of diced tomatoes and drain them, chop mushrooms and broccoli, beat the eggs and milk together, and then stir in the rest: bam! Done. By the way, notice I mention mushrooms, which aren’t in Nicole’s original recipe? I really love them, especially in egg dishes, so I just decided to go rogue. I also added two more eggs to be sure I had enough “batter” to hold my veggies and cheese together, but otherwise I pretty much followed her recipe, other than adding a little reduced fat, shredded cheese blend to the top. Next time I’ll go my own way, now that I have the idea. I’d love to try this with zucchini, squash, and asparagus, and I’d definitely leave the goat cheese out: I love it, but I really don’t taste it in this recipe, so I’d play with other cheese instead.

whipped up quickly and ready to bake!

whipped up quickly and ready to bake!

Anyway, as a result of my recipe modifications, I ended up with 12 total frittatas to Nicole’s 9, but I’m thrilled with that, as I was feeding more than just me on this particular morning (and leftovers are usually a happy occurrence). I think I ended up checking them at around 15 minutes, but didn’t take them out until closer to 18 minutes total, and they were perfect!

You can let them cool if you want...but  they're amazing fresh from the oven!

You can let them cool if you want…but they’re amazing hot from the oven!

This will definitely become a staple in my kitchen from here on out: it’s really, really, really easy to throw together in a very short amount of time, and it’s delicious. I clocked them at less than 100 calories each, too, so it’s definitely okay to eat two or three in one sitting! Enjoy!

Fresh veggies and protein - who's hungry? Yum!

Fresh veggies and protein – who’s hungry? Yum!

Until next time…what’s in your kitchen?

  1. MOM says:

    WONDERFULLY DELICIOUS!! I got to be waited upon for brunch with these *FABULOUS* little frittatas, that you you could eat with a fork–but I just couldn’t wait to pop a bite into my mouth–as well as not wanting to have even the tiniest little piece get away… that I just used my fingers!!! YUM!! It’s so fun to see my daughter–who in her youth was not really remotely interested in anything to do with cooking or baking!–turn into such a terrific COOK in the kitchen! …then top that off with getting see pix of the things she’s made, and read the great descriptions–it’s almost like getting to taste them again! (Love you, sweetie!)

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