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Though I know all my gluttonous holiday (and post-holiday) posts would suggest otherwise, I do my best to eat healthy foods whenever possible. On top of that, I’m admittedly quite brunch obsessed. So when I came across this simple little recipe for veggie and goat cheese mini frittatas, I couldn’t wait to try them. This weekend, I had back to back shows to review, which means late nights out/commuting to and from San Francisco. Suffice it to say, weekends like this find me wanting to sleep in and then throw together a quick/easy/delicious brunch meal. I’d already done the grocery shopping in advance, so all I really had to do was open a can of diced tomatoes and drain them, chop mushrooms and broccoli, beat the eggs and milk together, and then stir in the rest: bam! Done. By the way, notice I mention mushrooms, which aren’t in Nicole’s original recipe? I really love them, especially in egg dishes, so I just decided to go rogue. I also added two more eggs to be sure I had enough “batter” to hold my veggies and cheese together, but otherwise I pretty much followed her recipe, other than adding a little reduced fat, shredded cheese blend to the top. Next time I’ll go my own way, now that I have the idea. I’d love to try this with zucchini, squash, and asparagus, and I’d definitely leave the goat cheese out: I love it, but I really don’t taste it in this recipe, so I’d play with other cheese instead. Read the rest of this entry »

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Last week, while Ricki and I were doing the labor-intensive prep work for our lasagna, the topic turned to what we might make this week. My dad (who often gets a plate of whatever we’ve made left for him in his refrigerator, because his daughter is thoughtful) had suggested veggie burgers, and since Ricki & I had both just had them, I knew she liked them too. I did a little research, and after coming across Sparrows and Spatulas mushroom & brown rice burger with hummus and avocado, I forwarded it to Ricki. Thankfully, my mom had a mini food processor she was willing to let us borrow, and we were both excited to have less work to do this week, and were equally anticipating such a yummy recipe.

before: not nearly as much prep as it looks like!

before: not nearly as much prep as it looks like!

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Now playing: Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere Acoustic 10th Anniversary edition. Didn’t know they were still a band? You’re missing out: they’re fantastic! (I especially love their adult voices, so this particular album is a fun one, as they’ve re-recorded their first album!)

Last week’s episode of “cooking with Ricki” (as I’m unofficially calling it, since we typically get together once weekly to cook or bake something) included something neither of us had ever really made for ourselves: lasagna! When I first started looking for recipes, I found several that included dried herbs and no-cook noodles. It wasn’t quite what we were looking for. When I stumbled on this one, I was so excited to discover not only part-skim ingredients and whole wheat noodles, but ground turkey and turkey sausage instead of beef and pork! (I’m all about the lighter ingredients whenever possible.) Ricki still chose to use ground beef in hers, and both turned out great…but more on that later.) It wasn’t until I started putting the grocery list together that I noticed this was Emeril Lagasse’s recipe, and BAM! I knew it was going to be delicious. (I know, I know…but I had to do it.) Read the rest of this entry »

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Once upon a time, my friends and I found ourselves in San Diego over Labor Day weekend. We’re the sort of people who like to lounge around, sleep in a bit, and then find a mouth-watering brunch spot, preferably a new-to-us kind of place, but the hitch to this particular weekend is that one of my best girlfriends is not only vegan, but recently gluten-free as well. (It wasn’t her choice, but she’s handling it.) For our first meal, I found a fantastic place that offered gluten-free pizza and pasta, and we were happy. Brunch, however, might have proved to be much more difficult…enter Snooze. Thanks to a quick Yelp search, we were able to find this haven of unbelievably delicious brunch and breakfast delights, including gluten-free pancakes! Sadly, the wait was over two hours, and my very pregnant sister couldn’t wait that long, so I had to postpone what would become the beginning of a beautiful friendship until later.

Fast forward several months, and I happily stumbled upon something delicious I could share with my food-challenged foodie friend: Surprisingly Vegan‘s seriously surprising, delicious gluten-free, vegan waffle mix. Read the rest of this entry »