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Last week, while Ricki and I were doing the labor-intensive prep work for our lasagna, the topic turned to what we might make this week. My dad (who often gets a plate of whatever we’ve made left for him in his refrigerator, because his daughter is thoughtful) had suggested veggie burgers, and since Ricki & I had both just had them, I knew she liked them too. I did a little research, and after coming across Sparrows and Spatulas mushroom & brown rice burger with hummus and avocado, I forwarded it to Ricki. Thankfully, my mom had a mini food processor she was willing to let us borrow, and we were both excited to have less work to do this week, and were equally anticipating such a yummy recipe.

before: not nearly as much prep as it looks like!

before: not nearly as much prep as it looks like!

We decided to make the hummus first, while the oven was preheating (although, honestly, we didn’t realize until just before it was time to bake that we’d forgotten to preheat). Because we didn’t have tahini, a simple Google search suggested I use plain yogurt instead in the hummus, and peanut butter in other places. Even though I used Greek yogurt, I think it changed the consistency of our hummus, but because we had leftover chickpeas, we just kept playing with the flavor and texture until it came out right. (Note: we halved this recipe, except for the lemon, accidentally. It was very lemony, but salvageable. It was also very herbaceous, but eventually we were both happy with the results.)

our hummus was a little tricky, but ended up deliciously "herby" and lemony

our hummus was a little tricky, but ended up deliciously “herby” and lemony

Next we sauteed the mushrooms with garlic and a little butter first, as they work best when they’ve had a chance to “rest” and return to room temperature before they’re added to the mixture.

mushrooms, butter & garlic sauteing their way to something special

mushrooms, butter & garlic sauteing their way to something special

The mini food processor was a little bit tough, as you can only put in so much at a time, but it still saved us a ton of time, so we were happy to have it. We also left out the fennel seeds because my grocery store didn’t have any. (Next time I’d find them, but I was pressed for time.)
"burger batter," ready to be shaped & baked

“burger batter,” ready to be shaped & baked

After all the ingredients are combined, they sit in the fridge for about a half hour. I’m honestly not sure why, but we didn’t mind: it gave us time to watch most of Once Upon a Time. When they were ready to go in the (finally heated) oven, they had about 15 minutes, which gave us time to finish our episode before dinner.
action shot (in the oven)!

action shot (in the oven)!

done!  and nearly ready to devour...

done! and nearly ready to devour…

And then, the moment of truth was upon us…
Soooo tasty - I'm already planning to make these again!

SOooo tasty – I’m already planning to make these again!

Simply put, these were my favorite recipe experiment in a long time. When added to the burgers, our lemony herb hummus was perfect, and the burgers themselves were absolutely wonderful. The peanut butter substitution for the missing tahini worked well and I’d use it again, though I’d like to try the recipe as it was written, too. (Everyone actually liked that you could taste a tiny bit of sweet here & there, though, as we’d made them.)

For now, we have no ideas what we’re making next, but I’m wishing we hadn’t halved the recipe so there would be leftovers I could eat now! Till next time, bon appetit!

  1. Hailey says:

    OMG, these look fantastic! I am going to have to make this! I need more meatless recipes.

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