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Now playing: The World from the Side of the Moon, Phillip Phillips (and the return of Once Upon a Time, season 2 – yay!) Last week, while Ricki and I were doing the labor-intensive prep work for our lasagna, the topic turned to what we might make this week. My dad (who often gets a […]

Now playing: Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere Acoustic 10th Anniversary edition. Didn’t know they were still a band? You’re missing out: they’re fantastic! (I especially love their adult voices, so this particular album is a fun one, as they’ve re-recorded their first album!) Last week’s episode of “cooking with Ricki” (as I’m unofficially calling it, since […]

Now playing: Christmas tunes by Elvis, New Kids on the Block, Hanson, ‘N Sync, Bing & Bowie, and Queen! This is my last Christmas-related sweets post of 2012…I promise. My brother’s girlfriend, Ricki, and I recently decided it’d be fun to practice our cooking/baking skills together. She and my brother just bought a house together, […]